Artist Statement   Resume

Working in my world is an adventure. Throughout my experience of living and loving, feelings of expectation have increasingly paired themselves with acceptance. This has lead to the development of a very proactive approach to my artwork.

My approach to art is one of engagement since art can either be experienced or created. The need to explore is a result of my rationalization that acceptance is easier when it stems from ones own actions. This journey I find myself on is closely tied with my interactions with others. Much of my inspiration is derived from sharing and exploring with colleagues and students alike. Interplay between individuals adds value, it increases clarity, it returns far more than it costs. Examining my place in this world and sharing that with others is what I find drives my work.

With any luck, this pursuit will be one of happiness for myself as well as those I come in contact with. Through my work I hope to expand my own sense of being and as a result hope to be a catalyst for others to develop their own sense of art and life.

If I can do this, the value of my life will be greatly increased and my personal journey from drudgery to grace underway.

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